E-Mail Solutions


E-Mail Solutions

Does your company have the Web Presence for a successful business enterprise? This is the question that springs to your mind when you think of your web growth. It is almost mandatory for you to have your own customised email ID so as to augment your company’s web growth.

We, at EWS, concentrate on every aspect of business growth and bring you the best of mailing solutions available online. With your own personalised Corporate Mail –IDs and gigabytes of email storage, you can go ahead and make your impact on the web now. These services are exclusive of our mass mailing services or can be bought as a package with the bulk mailing solution.

The corporate mail IDs come with various other perks like Instant Messaging and voice calls, online documents, and mobile access to individual email and also a Personalized Start Page. You can also enable online document sharing, schedule meetings and share calendars with employees.

Why Us?

    » Corporate Mail – IDs. Employee@YourEnterprise.com!
    » Gigabytes of email storage. No more worries about having to delete mail!
    » Instant messaging & voice calls. Ping someone or call them directly.
    » Schedule meetings, book rooms, and share calendars.
    » Online documents. Create and collaborate in real-time across the globe.
    » Personalized Start Page. Start off the day on the right foot.
    » Access your information anywhere, anytime.
    » Available online and you can also access your email with a mobile device.